Bambharakannaley Comedy full
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Bambharakannaley Comedy full

Bambara kannaley – Tamil Movie Comedy’s

Starring : Srikanth, Aarti Agarwal, Namitha, Vikramaditya, Vadivelu, Singamuthu and others

Directed by: Parthy Baskar

Music by: Srikanth Deva

Srikanth is the energetic blue eyed boy of his neighbourhood. Namitha is the glamour doll in their locality. Namitha has an one side love for Srikanth. He goes to Ooty on a work assignment. Aarti Agarwal enters his life like an angel. Vikramaditya is a playboy who teases girls. But unfortunately Aarti’s parents select Vikramaditya as her groom. Knowing about Vikramaditya’s true colours Aarti attempts suicide. Srikanth saves Aarti and he promises her that he would expose Vikramaditya’s true self. Aarti also develops a soft corner for Srikanth The sequences where Srikanth irritates Vikramaditya to make him realise, are interesting. Whether Vikramaditya reforms and who becomes Srikanth’s consort is the rest of the story.

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